WeRockTech Introduction

WeRockTech empowers people from diverse backgrounds to become involved in the open source community. We want to ensure that open source truly is open by connecting a collaborative community of coders who can support and encourage each other.

People from ethnic minorities, and women in general, are underrepresented in the software development industry. Open source in particular suffers from a lack of diversity.

It’s important to increase the diversity of of the open source community to ensure that everyone has same the opportunity to contribute to open source projects, and we end up writing the best code.

To engage more diverse groups of people:

  • We share exciting media content with members of the open source community.
  • We inform people about the issues in open source so we can provoke change.
  • We raise the profile of underrepresented individuals in open source who inspire others as role models.
#UXWorkshop Series

UX Workshop User Testing

A 1-day hands-on workshop introducing user experience as a tech career. Taking your own app idea, we go through each of the topics below. After each section has been explained, you get stuck in, applying what you've just learnt!

UX Workshop User Testing full video discussion

Ethics and Tech WWW Foundation

Delivering Digital Equality The Web Foundation is working for a world where everyone has the same rights and opportunities online.

Ethics and Tech WWW Foundation full video discussion

Ethics and Tech Uncommon Cacao

We believe farmer prosperity is a key ingredient in good food. Uncommon Cacao boldly embraces transparent trade to source quality cacao from producers we trust. Our purpose is to build authentic, long-term relationships across the supply chain to create stability and success for all.

Ethics and Tech Uncommon Cacao full video discussion

Ethics and Tech TUC

The TUC exists to make the working world a better place for everyone. We bring together more than 5.6 million working people who make up our 50 member unions.

Ethics and Tech TUC full video discussion

Ethics and Tech RightsInfo

RightsInfo builds knowledge and support for human rights in the UK by producing engaging, accessible and beautifully-presented online human rights content. In two years, we have created a new digital media space for human rights, featuring award-winning infographics, stories, videos and explainers. Our work now reaches over a million people every week.

Ethics and Tech RightsInfo full video discussion

Ethics and Tech HumanityX

HumanityX is a multidisciplinary support team for pioneers in the peace and justice sector who want to spearhead digital innovations to tackle global challenges. Our strength lies in data-driven prototyping, co-creating digital solutions and building a network where innovators can explore, build and thrive.

Ethics and Tech HumanityX full video discussion

Ethics and Tech Boraco

It's time to break out of the echo chamber. Digital technologies are disrupting the world around us. Shaping societies, worldviews and access to information. But they are developing faster than the codes we wrote to govern them... how do we respond?

Ethics and Tech Boraco full video discussion

Ethics and Tech Hackathon

At this Ideation Day we'll bring together a host of external organisations to work with tech and non-tech attendees on problem statements ThoughtWorks' Building an Equitable Future working group research the social impact of tech trends, with a view to building a more equitable tech future. At this Ideation Day we'll bring together a host of external organisations to work with tech and non-tech attendees on problem statements. We'll be joined no the day by the following organisations pitching problem statements: Uncommon Cacao, HumanityX, RightsInfo, TUC, World Wide Web Foundation

Ethics and Tech Hackathon full video discussion

Louise Leolin

An awkward Londoner 🙃 Leader of the Thieves Guild and co-founder of @Dinobytelabs 🍩+🎮=💚 #gamedev. Kickstart project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dinobytelabs/midli-a-dark-and-mystical-tale-of-letting-go

Louise Leolin full video discussion

Irina Tsyganok

Software developer @ynap. Mother, speaker, published author. Shortlisted in 'Rising Star of The Year' @womeninitawards, "The Ones To Watch" @CodeFirstGirls

Irina Tsyganok full video discussion

Solveiga Pakštaitė

Solveiga Pakštaitė is the inventor of Bump Mark, a patent-pending food expiry labelling innovation that she designed at Brunel University and is now being developed by Solveiga's company, Design By Sol. It is a bio-responsive food expiry label provides accurate, real-time indication of the product’s freshness and is set to dramatically cut food waste. Her innovation in the food packaging industry has won multiple awards. Since our discussion Bump Mark has graduated from Design By Sol to its own company at Mimica and renamed to Mimica Touch. For more information https://www.mimicalab.com and follow on https://twitter.com/mimicalab. Open Source project "Kitchen Tricks" https://designbysol.github.io/Kitchen-Tricks/ and GitHub repo https://github.com/DesignBySol/Kitchen-Tricks

Solveiga Pakštaitė full video discussion

Kimberley Cook

Kimberley is one of the key forces addressing the UK tech industry diversity gap. As one of the main organisers of codebar, she facilitates free weekly coding workshops for under-represented groups. She also organises one-off events, including beginner friendly hack days and workshops dedicated to first-time Open Source contributions. When not doing all this, she works at Shortlist Media reinventing the online presence of their magazines Stylist and Shortlist.

Kimberley Cook full video discussion

Luciana Snapchat glasses demo

Chief Evangelist #VR #NewTech @Racefully. Developing innovation within #SmartTech | driven by big ideas & empowering others. Fearless, techie. #WomeninVR UK

Dorothy Wingrove

After a degree in Music Informatics at Sussex University, she started out her career as a web developer at an agency called Datanauts. She has since moved to a company called StoryStream and co-organises codebar Brighton, which runs free weekly workshops teaching those underrepresented in the tech industry. She is also studying Maths with the Open University and takes any opportunity to fine tune her programming skills and aims to one day be steering a team of her own.

Dorothy Wingrove full video discussion

Gemma Milne

Gemma is a Scottish creative science-nerd obsessed with technology, design, Irn Bru and pi. As Tech Innovation Strategist for Ogilvy Labs - Ogilvy & Mather's R&D Innovation Team – she seeks out future technologies, ideas and partners to bring to staff and clients for business innovation. Gemma has spoken at conferences globally such as SXSW, Cannes Lions and WPP Stream on Science Industry Disruption, Corporate Innovation and The Beauty of Maths.

Gemma Milne full video discussion
#CFG Series

CodeFirstGirls Conference 2016

We're planning a day packed full of motivational talks, insightful panel discussions, illuminating tech talks as well as networking and a chance to hear from tech companies about what they are looking for in candidates. ​Whether you are looking to become a developer, want to work in start ups, a big tech company or just want to see whether it could be for you, the conference will give you an insight into the amazing developments happening in technology, as well as inform you on how you can break your way in.

Maxine Mackintosh

Maxine is currently undertaking a PhD at UCL in neuroinformatics, at the intersection of data science and dementia. She has also completed an MSc in Health Policy and Economics at the LSE and LSHTM. Maxine is the Managing Director of HealthTech Women in the UK, and has worked at the Royal Society, DFID, L’Oreal, Roche and as an MSc research assistant for NHS England on AHSNs.

Maxine Mackintosh full video discussion


HaBaby strives to support pregnant refugees in transit. Our aim is to facilitate patient-doctor communication and make interactions with constrained medical personnel more effective and efficient. The app focuses on the ability to capture key symptoms and a lightweight patient history. It is accessible in multiple languages; Arabic and English to start. The name comes from combining the Arabic word “habibi,” meaning sweetheart or baby, with the English word “baby.” The app is being developed with partners at Doctors of the World (DOTW), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Muslim Doctors Association (MDA), Oxford University, and Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).

Draw My Life

DrawMyLife presents a child’s perception of migration and exile through anonymised drawings and data. Our aim is to raise awareness about the impact of migration on children’s lives among campaigners, researchers, and the wider public, and in particular to advocate for psychological support for children who have experienced trauma. We are doing this by designing a friendly platform for use by NGOs working with refugee children, which enables them to upload the children’s drawings and quickly add important information about age, gender, mood - and the child’s own story. Making this evidence searchable is another aim of the project. We will provide simple curation tools to help our partners, Terre des Hommes, and others supporting the Destination Unknown campaign, advocate for the rights of children on the move. We are also working with UNOCHA to contribute to their Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) platform, and provide unique data on the psychological health of children on the move for use by NGOs, governments, and the media.

Angela Bradbury

Angela is the Founder and CEO of Chime Advisors, which connects businesses (typically management consulting firms) with experts for research. Her previous experience includes consulting with McKinsey & Company, and launching and scaling a Y Combinator startup in Europe, also a platform model. Angela studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

Angela Bradbury full video discussion
#HackBrexit Series

Project Introduction for What the Fact

Browser plugin that gives you fact-checking information about what you're reading

#HackBrexit Series

Project Introduction for Pop

Help people to connect outside of their echo-chambers and creating safe space for conversations. Building bridges and building trust.

#HackBrexit Series

Project Introduction for Ministers under the Influence

The aim is for it to be a one stop shop for all the publicly available data on money and politics (donations to political parties, ministerial meetings data, registers of MPs and Peers interests, lobbying registers.)

#HackBrexit Series

Project Introduction for I Street Watch

Increase awareness, provide support to the individuals affected

#HackBrexit Series

Project Introduction for Fix it

Fix it

#HackBrexit Series

Project Introduction for Exit Gap

Web app to help people identify impacts of Brexit by mapping out where the EU impact the UK, in terms of funding, policy and trade

#HackBrexit Series

Project Introduction for Campaign Ninja

Mobilise a mass leaflet or door to door campaign quickly and easily

#HackBrexit Series

Project Introduction for BrexLex

Web app that allows campaigners to easily see which words/phrases are most resonant on Twitter, and which sides are using them.

Marta Kütt

Working at @TransferWise, interested in peace processes & helping refugees. I love being organised and doing sports.

Marta Kütt full video discussion

Kriselda Rabino

I like to cut shapes with dance moves and code. This is where I do it with letters of the alphabet.

Kriselda Rabino full video discussion

EmpowerHack Health Hackathon London Day 2

Watch the final pitches for Empowerhack Health London, close to 10 teams prototyping for solutions from Hababy, supporting pregnant women refugees to DrawMyLife, highlighting psychological health for child refugees; Soul Medicine, a unique way of tackling isolation through SMS-based micro education; Record-on-the-Go, looking at putting medical records back in patients' hands; HealthStarter, improving education for fieldworkers working with vulnerable young families, and more.

EmpowerHack Health Hackathon London Day 1

How do you go from 0-60 and start to imagine tech interventions for humanitarian health issues from mental wellbeing for refugee children, better communication for reproductive health; education for non profit professionals entering tough field situations and more? Join our community as they share their insights and challenges in the first 24 hours of our Health Hack weekend.

EmpowerHack Health Hackathon London Introduction

EmpowerHack have launched a series of hackathons this month to create open source software solutions on health challenges of refugees women and girls. The hackathons will take place in Ghana, London and Amsterdam over a course of 2-3 day events. Medical Professionals, Humanitarian Workers, Marketers, Software Developers, User Experience Designers and Researchers will all come together in each city/country in a new kind of hackathon that is focused on inclusive design, sustainability and partnerships. Join Empowerhack. Share more about your inspiration at volunteer.empowerhack.com

Elizabeth Chesters

Elizabeth is a client integration engineer by day and a UX superhero by night. She has been a long-term mentor with CodeFirst-Girls. Elizabeth also volunteers with Women Hack for Non-Profits and UX For Change designing apps for and non-profits. Her passions are dancing, photography, cooking and studying cultures surrounding her.

Elizabeth Chesters full video discussion

Eleanor Harding

Eleanor Harding is a Swiss-army-knife Product Developer with a track record of winning hackathons including TechCrunch Disrupt and the SA Microsoft Imagine Cup. She’s the founder of Rigby/Rose, a consultancy which turns big ideas into elegant products - currently working with the Open Space Agency on NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge

Eleanor Harding full video discussion

Rani Selvarajah

First hackathon at EmpowerHack London April 2016. Nerdy, lefty feminist, charity worker and trustee of the amazing @WomenandGirlsN. Interested in international development and tech. All views my own.

Rani Selvarajah full video discussion

Gerry Ellis

First hackathon at EmpowerHack London April 2016

Gerry Ellis full video discussion

Elena Sinel and Katerina

Founder @AcornAspiration - inspiring the next generation of young entrepreneurs (age 5-19) through tech hackathons crowdfunding I edtech womenintech

Elena Sinel and Katerina full video discussion

Sandra Gonzalez

Principal UX Designer at @JUSTEATUK, @Pluralsight Author. Founder of @uxnrp & @UXforChangeUK.

Sandra Gonzalez full video discussion