WeRockTech empowers people from diverse backgrounds to become involved

WeRockTech is an amazing initiative founded by Eddie Jaoude, a senior software consultant, and active member of the open source tech community.

WeRockTech is primarily a youtube channel that provides a platform for discussions with people in tech who have either contributed a huge amount to open source already, or are new to the community, and starting explore how they can get involved.

Why should you get involved?

Open source means that software code is freely available for anyone to read and edit collaboratively, rather than being owned exclusively by a particular company to make a profit.

Rather than being motivated by profit and complex corporate priorities, open source software development is often characterised by projects that benefit the greater good.

Developers working in this area are generally motivated by the right reasons, which means building software that is creative and effective, and sets a great example for the industry, contributing to a free and open web.

Participating in open source projects is a great way for new developers to become involved in the software development industry. You can gain experience working on exciting projects, and become familiar with a world of best practice in code.

The importance of community

In open source software development, developers are often the end users as well, and this can create an incredibly vibrant community of co-creators and consumers.

The central value of WeRockTech is actively building the community, and ensuring you can surround yourself with the people who can help you succeed.

Our aim is to encourage more people to join the open source movement, achieve great things, and become exposed to the exciting possibilities of code.

Increasing diversity

WeRockTech empowers people from diverse backgrounds to become involved in a community that might otherwise seem unwelcoming.

Increasing the diversity of of the open source community is really important, as people from ethnic minorities and women in general are underrepresented in the software development industry. To encourage more diverse groups of people to join in, we recognise the need to raise the profile of existing role models.

WeRockTech provides a platform to do just that.

That’s why we focus on showcasing individuals, especially mums and teenagers, who can inspire us with their unique achievements and values.

The videos in the series

The channel showcases a number of really impressive individuals from the open source community, from teenage coding programme Acorn Aspirations founder Elena Simnel, to software developer and dancer Krissy Rabino.

Each and every one of them is blazing the way forward in the open source community.

There are several series currently available on channel, including:

There is more to come in the near future.

If you’re an open source advocate who would like to feature in one of our videos, please contact us on Twitter.

And if you’re just beginning your journey, don’t worry. Everyone is really friendly, kind and welcoming, and we want YOU to get involved.

What are you waiting for?

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Catherine Heath

​She has a thing for psychology, diversity, tech and startups​, and is l​earning to code. She gives valuable insight into the women in tech scene on her website, Away With Words, and shares tips for success and self-development. Connect with Catherine on Twitter or LinkedIn.