VR Game Jam Hackathon

Weekend of VR / AR Game development. Teams consisted of a range of skills from developers to artists to business people. It was great to bump into friends I have met at other events and to make lots of new friends. I would like to say a big Thank You to the Realities Centre for hosting, Razer for the VR HDK2 kit & prizes, and Amandine for organising such an amazing event!

Projects / Teams Intros

Below are the competing teams project intros.

Team Headbutt Dragons
Team FPS
Team Nuclear Reactor
Team Zombie

Final Results

The final results from the VR Game Jam hackathon.


Winning Team

Photo of the winning team, Headbutt Dragons.

Winning team photo holding VR HDK2 kit prize


Photo gallery of the VR Game Jam hackathon.

Amandine and Eddie in front of the Realities Centre poster Nina and Eddie in front of the Realities Centre poster Andrew using the VR headset Sandra using the VR with controllers Recording the final VR Game Jam results with the ipad pro Headbutt Dragons team doing a silly pose with the Realities Centre poster and VR kit


Playlist for the videos on Youtube and the unofficial GitHub organisation for the game projects.

Written by...

Eddie Jaoude

​Eddie has been programming for over a decade and has consulted for organisations in the financial, governmental and private sectors. Outside of his consultancy role Eddie enjoys attending and contributing to hackathons and conferences around the world which deal with a variety of technical and social issues. His first foray into the realm of Women's issues was EmpowerHack's "Empowering women and girl refugees" hackathon. Since then Eddie has contributed to EmpowerHack's Open Source projects from a technical perspective and has also brought his expertise and infectious enthusiasm to actively support the growth of women in tech at WHFNP and AcornAspirations. He has been likened to Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" with marginally more social skills. Jaoude Studios Ltd Connect with Eddie Jaoude on Twitter or LinkedIn.