City Data Hack at Urban Innovation Centre, London

The hack focused on using data to solve urban challenges like social isolation, unemployment and transport difficulties. There were eleven teams with 60 hackers from a range of backgrounds include data, UX, software engineering and service design. Many had a special interest in urban planning and there were quite a few students present.

Future Cities Catapult and Space Syntax were the hosts of this hackathon by Tombolo, held at the Urban Innovation Centre in London from 16–18 March 2018.

Tombolo is a Future Cities Catapult and Space Syntax R&D project funded by Innovate UK. They have created the Digital Connector which was used by teams during the hack. They explored how city authorities could improve their use of data in solving urban challenges.

Three challenges were provided by the challenge partners:

Multi-disciplinary teams had 48 hours to hack the data, try out some new tools, including the Digital Connector and a data visualisation platform, analyse data to uncover new and relevant insights, then propose how each city authority could redesign their services to tackle their local challenge.

The hackathon included mentorship from experienced data scientists, digital designers, service designers and open source experts who work in the urban planning space.

Here are the teams who participated in the City Data Hack:

Projects / Teams Intros

Below are the competing teams project intros.

Familiar Ground
Alternative Treatment
Keep Going
Find my future
City Dimensions
Bee Hive

Hackathon Presentations

All presentations

Final Results

The team O-One won the hack with their TfL portal to solve the city planning challenge and monitor project progress. They won both the travel challenge category and the hackathon overall, and were recognised for the multiple ways their solution can be developed in the future. Find My Future won the employment and skills challenge. Visualising Exclusion won the social isolation category.

Team Keep Going won the best photo of the weekend, and for collaborating the best out of all the teams.

The hackathon is now followed by an optional month-long competition for teams to develop on their proposals.



Playlist for the videos on Youtube and the unofficial GitHub organisation for the game projects.

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