CF:G Introduction by Charalotte Fereday

Community Programmes Manager @codefirstgirls / Tech & education/ Social enterprise/Researcher of Spanish & digital cultures

Code First Girls are a social enterprise, and raise our revenues through a combination of sponsorship and corporate services. All profits we make get plugged back in to running the community activities we do with smart young women who want to build careers in tech and entrepreneurship.

Each year we run classes that teach 1500+ women how to code, for free. Over the past 3 years we've delivered £1.5+ million of free coding courses, and helped companies to recruit better tech talent into their firms.

Our community is now 3500+ strong, and is doing amazing things. Find out more by looking through our website and social communities, or just drop us a line at

Solveiga Pakštaitė

Solveiga Pakštaitė is the inventor of Bump Mark, a patent-pending food expiry labelling innovation that she designed at Brunel University and is now being developed by Solveiga's company, Design By Sol. It is a bio-responsive food expiry label provides accurate, real-time indication of the product’s freshness and is set to dramatically cut food waste. Her innovation in the food packaging industry has won multiple awards. Since our discussion Bump Mark has graduated from Design By Sol to its own company at Mimica and renamed to Mimica Touch. For more information and follow on Open Source project "Kitchen Tricks" and GitHub repo

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Kimberley Cook

Kimberley is one of the key forces addressing the UK tech industry diversity gap. As one of the main organisers of codebar, she facilitates free weekly coding workshops for under-represented groups. She also organises one-off events, including beginner friendly hack days and workshops dedicated to first-time Open Source contributions. When not doing all this, she works at Shortlist Media reinventing the online presence of their magazines Stylist and Shortlist.

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Dorothy Wingrove

After a degree in Music Informatics at Sussex University, she started out her career as a web developer at an agency called Datanauts. She has since moved to a company called StoryStream and co-organises codebar Brighton, which runs free weekly workshops teaching those underrepresented in the tech industry. She is also studying Maths with the Open University and takes any opportunity to fine tune her programming skills and aims to one day be steering a team of her own.

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Gemma Milne

Gemma is a Scottish creative science-nerd obsessed with technology, design, Irn Bru and pi. As Tech Innovation Strategist for Ogilvy Labs - Ogilvy & Mather's R&D Innovation Team – she seeks out future technologies, ideas and partners to bring to staff and clients for business innovation. Gemma has spoken at conferences globally such as SXSW, Cannes Lions and WPP Stream on Science Industry Disruption, Corporate Innovation and The Beauty of Maths.

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Maxine Mackintosh

Maxine is currently undertaking a PhD at UCL in neuroinformatics, at the intersection of data science and dementia. She has also completed an MSc in Health Policy and Economics at the LSE and LSHTM. Maxine is the Managing Director of HealthTech Women in the UK, and has worked at the Royal Society, DFID, L’Oreal, Roche and as an MSc research assistant for NHS England on AHSNs.

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Angela Bradbury

Angela is the Founder and CEO of Chime Advisors, which connects businesses (typically management consulting firms) with experts for research. Her previous experience includes consulting with McKinsey & Company, and launching and scaling a Y Combinator startup in Europe, also a platform model. Angela studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

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Elizabeth Chesters

Elizabeth is a client integration engineer by day and a UX superhero by night. She has been a long-term mentor with CodeFirst-Girls. Elizabeth also volunteers with Women Hack for Non-Profits and UX For Change designing apps for and non-profits. Her passions are dancing, photography, cooking and studying cultures surrounding her.

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Eleanor Harding

Eleanor Harding is a Swiss-army-knife Product Developer with a track record of winning hackathons including TechCrunch Disrupt and the SA Microsoft Imagine Cup. She’s the founder of Rigby/Rose, a consultancy which turns big ideas into elegant products - currently working with the Open Space Agency on NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge

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