EmpowerHack Introduction

Bringing people together to build solutions empowering women and girls in humanitarian contexts and creating sustainable tech that crosses borders.

EmpowerHack is a collective that creates sustainable design for women and girls in humanitarian contexts. Bridging the gap between technology, design, and NGOs to address key challenges, EmpowerHack galvanises volunteers to create code that crosses borders.

Despite up to 80% of world’s refugees being women and children, the problems faced by them are never at the forefront. EmpowerHack was born to change just that by taking collaborative design to scale. Female refugees are among the most vulnerable, facing sexual violence, coercion, forced and early marriage, social isolation, and a lack of access to gender-specific health care and education.


HaBaby strives to support pregnant refugees in transit. Our aim is to facilitate patient-doctor communication and make interactions with constrained medical personnel more effective and efficient. The app focuses on the ability to capture key symptoms and a lightweight patient history. It is accessible in multiple languages; Arabic and English to start. The name comes from combining the Arabic word “habibi,” meaning sweetheart or baby, with the English word “baby.” The app is being developed with partners at Doctors of the World (DOTW), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Muslim Doctors Association (MDA), Oxford University, and Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).

Draw My Life

DrawMyLife presents a child’s perception of migration and exile through anonymised drawings and data. Our aim is to raise awareness about the impact of migration on children’s lives among campaigners, researchers, and the wider public, and in particular to advocate for psychological support for children who have experienced trauma. We are doing this by designing a friendly platform for use by NGOs working with refugee children, which enables them to upload the children’s drawings and quickly add important information about age, gender, mood - and the child’s own story. Making this evidence searchable is another aim of the project. We will provide simple curation tools to help our partners, Terre des Hommes, and others supporting the Destination Unknown campaign, advocate for the rights of children on the move. We are also working with UNOCHA to contribute to their Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) platform, and provide unique data on the psychological health of children on the move for use by NGOs, governments, and the media.

EmpowerHack Health Hackathon London Day 2

Watch the final pitches for Empowerhack Health London, close to 10 teams prototyping for solutions from Hababy, supporting pregnant women refugees to DrawMyLife, highlighting psychological health for child refugees; Soul Medicine, a unique way of tackling isolation through SMS-based micro education; Record-on-the-Go, looking at putting medical records back in patients' hands; HealthStarter, improving education for fieldworkers working with vulnerable young families, and more.

EmpowerHack Health Hackathon London Day 1

How do you go from 0-60 and start to imagine tech interventions for humanitarian health issues from mental wellbeing for refugee children, better communication for reproductive health; education for non profit professionals entering tough field situations and more? Join our community as they share their insights and challenges in the first 24 hours of our Health Hack weekend.

EmpowerHack Health Hackathon London Introduction

EmpowerHack have launched a series of hackathons this month to create open source software solutions on health challenges of refugees women and girls. The hackathons will take place in Ghana, London and Amsterdam over a course of 2-3 day events. Medical Professionals, Humanitarian Workers, Marketers, Software Developers, User Experience Designers and Researchers will all come together in each city/country in a new kind of hackathon that is focused on inclusive design, sustainability and partnerships. Join Empowerhack. Share more about your inspiration at volunteer.empowerhack.com