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Luciana Cas

Luciana Cas CFGOnesToWatch2016 post production (first stage)

Cyber security supergeek, Luciana is a Cambridge, Harvard & MA Business School grad and tech strategist. Co-founder, systems thinker, with over 4+ experience in Startups, digital marketing, web development and operational management. She’s driven by big ideas & empowering tech entrepreneurs in London, SF, Lisbon & Manchester – especially next generation ladyhackers.

Shwetal Shah

Shwetal Shah CFGOnesToWatch2017 post production (first stage)

work in IT. Documentary Maker, TEDx Organizer, STEM Ambassador. Tackling loneliness https://www.morsel-app.com/ Author https://medium.com/@shwetalshah

Tanya Mathew

Tanya Mathew CFGOnesToWatch2017 post production (final stage)

Emerging Tech Consultant | Digital Products | International Development

Clare Devine

Clare Devine CFGOnesToWatch2017 recorded

Apprentice Software Developer at Sky

Victoria Butt

Victoria Butt CFGOnesToWatch2017 recorded

Microbiome & bioinformatics @KingsCollegeLon | @Innovation_F | #womeninSTEM | #rstats | Ballroom dancer | ex- @Cambridge_Uni Natsci

Doniya Soni

Doniya Soni CFGOnesToWatch2017 recorded

Policy Manager @techUK looking after skills, migration & #womenintech 👩🏾‍💻 | Proud citizen of the world, feminist & dog lover

Amandine Flachs

Amandine Flachs CFGOnesToWatch2017 recorded

#VirtualReality Specialist | Com&Events Manager @RealitiesCentre | Co-founder at UNFOLD #WomeninVR #Diversity

Alexis Monks

Alexis Monks CFGOnesToWatch2017 Discussion on Sun 23th July 2017

Software Developer & Product Development Associate who can support the design, development, and launch of innovative technologies

Molly Watt

Molly Watt CFGOnesToWatch2017 to be scheduled

Tech/Web Accessibility/Usability Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Author, Blogger, International Ambassador/Advocate GN ReSound & MW Trust #Openingyourwindow

Emma Northcott

Emma Northcott CFGOnesToWatch2017 to be scheduled

All things FinTech, fitness and fashion Customer Operations @Monzo Previously Business Development Manager @Crowdcube

Cedric Kisema

Cedric Kisema WeRockTech to be scheduled

developer @ 8thLight | codefirst:girl coach | and street dancer. こんにちはセドリックです、初めまして!開発者です

Tanya Powell

Tanya Powell WeRockTech to be scheduled

Software Engineer | I keep my #melaninonfleek | One half of @podcast_gt | Board member @whfnp | @empowerhack-er | part of the @chaynHQ squad

Laura Lambert

Laura Lambert CFGOnesToWatch2016 to be scheduled

Laura is CEO & Co-founder at Beffitd, an intelligent sizing tool that helps customers to shop online with confidence. Beffitd was founded in 2012 whilst Laura and her Co-founder Toby were both at Oxford University. Laura was an Entrepreneur First 2012 cohort. Befittd has continued to grow and is now comprised of a team of seven based in East London.

Sophie Dundovic

Sophie Dundovic CFGOnesToWatch2016 to be scheduled

Sophie leads operations at Parasym Health, who provide bioelectric treatment for chronic diseases. She is also Programme Manager at Oxygen, currently focused on running a conference and mentorship programme for African Entrepreneurs in conjunction with the British Council. She joined the first ever Code First Girls cohort in 2013, and is an EF alumnus, with a degree from Cambridge University.

Zara Nowell

Zara Nowell CFGOnesToWatch2016 to be scheduled

In 2013, Zara graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in English and no idea whatsoever that she would end up working in tech. Since then, she has played a fundamental role in Aviva’s digital transformation, organised several InsurTech hackathons, helped to set-up an insurance network on Meetup and has even launched her own marketing campaign for Aviva’s innovation activity involving 500 yellow boxes and several of London’s co-working spaces.

Phoebe Hugh

Phoebe Hugh CFGOnesToWatch2016 to be scheduled

Phoebe Hugh is the Co-founder & CEO of Brolly, an insurance tech startup that uses artificial intelligence to advise customers through a mobile app, backed by Entrepreneur First. Prior to this she worked in insurance underwriting and product development at Aviva, the largest UK insurer, and gained qualifications with the Chartered Insurance Institute. Phoebe is also co-founder of Ambition First, a diversity & inclusion organisation that supports emerging millennial business talent. Prior to this she read Psychology at the University of Manchester.

Nikhila Ravi

Nikhila Ravi CFGOnesToWatch2016 to be scheduled

Nikhila is a web developer at Founders & Coders C.I.C. She also volunteers there as a mentor, helping to develop teaching materials and delivering workshops on JavaScript. She has recently helped to start Node Girls London. Prior to this Nikhila worked on Programmes at CF:G, was a researcher at Harvard University and was awarded an IARU Sustainability Fellowship, all whilst completing an Engineering Masters at the University of Cambridge.

Diana K L

Diana K L CFGOnesToWatch2016 to be scheduled

Diana is studying MEng Mathematical Computation at UCL, and is Lead Curriculum Instructor (Front-End) at Code First Girls. Alongside being a She++ ambassador and on committee for UCLU TechSoc & Pole Fitness Society, she's recently started a dev house, ​a​ webots, working on bots​ (personal assistants)​, web apps & building startups.

Charlene Badibanga

Charlene Badibanga MyFirstDevRole to be scheduled

My name is Charlene and I’m a 20-something year old Londoner. Over the last year I set myself the challenge of changing careers from policy and advocacy to becoming a Software Developer.

Emily Horgan

Emily Horgan CFGOnesToWatch2017 to be scheduled

My interests include UX/UI design, ios development, digital art, print media and journalism. My background allows me to take a technical and creative angle to all of my work. I am currently working as a UX designer for Bemo, a digital agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland